1. Please help us raise the needed funds to the print 10,000 copies of the peoples first Declaration of the Occupation of New York City by donating at the link below.

    If you cannot afford to donate, you can still help  …simply copy&paste the content of this note into a new facebook note of your own, then tag all of your friends in the note, then encourage them donate to the printing and share the note the same way you did!


    (or this link http://sparrowmedia.net/2011/10/occupy-wall-street-declaration  )

    Help dispel the notion that the Occupy Wall Street campaign is a movement without a message!  Contrary to indictments from the press that this fledgling movement lacks a unified narrative the Peoples General Assembly at Liberty Plaza has issued a detailed first declaration, driving home the importance of myriad issues ranging from employment and home foreclosures to animal rights, the environment and everything in between.  These eloquent statements of purpose blossomed out of a directly democratic process of consensus-based organizing and were transcribed and edited by an appointed Call to Action Working Group.  

    The Sparrow Project (http://sparrowmedia.net) has been tasked with the honor of printing this declaration and we need your help to see this through.  Our team will be designing, producing, and distributing over 50,000 pocket-sized booklets  containing the complete declaration from the Peoples General Assembly, illustrations, and the booklets endpapers will feature a resource list for this ever-growing international occupation movement.


    We need your help to see this through.  We hope to print 50,000 copies of the booklet and send boxes off to cities across the country who are participating in their own occupation actions.  They for too long used our money against us, it is about time we use our money against them.  Any donation no matter how small or large helps!

    For more information visit http://sparrowmedia.net/2011/10/occupy-wall-street-declaration/  

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