1. The idea is simple http://100showsforhaiti.com/

    We are calling on promoters to put on simultaneous events for Haiti across the country and around the world. Events of all kinds are encouraged! Music, art, dance, puppet show, dinner, bakesale, you name it! All money raised will be split between two organizations: One Hundred For Haiti, and Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees.

    Once you decide what kind of event you want to do and know where & when you will be doing it please email mypart@100showsforhaiti.com and submit your event! We will list it on our site, and do our part to help you with promotions, legwork, networking, etc. We are excited to build with you! If you are unable to organize an event, that’s okay because you can still help! Help us promote an event in your area through e-mail, tumblr, twitter, Facebook, word-of-mouth and fliers; attend an event or simply donate via paypal & encourage your friends to do the same!

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    My band recently played one of these, and it was a truly affirmative experience — about the power of good people to do...
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