1. Please share my article on the Huffington Post about the efforts by activists to save a La Jolla, CA seal colony.

    You can learn more about the seals at http://SaveSanDiegoSeals.com/

    "Due to development and human intrusions on the coast the nearest established rookeries for harbor seals are roughly 100 miles to the north and south of Casa Cove thus limiting the harbor seal’s ability to breed, nurse, and raise their young." - Carly Slawson, volunteer with APRL’s SealWatch

    "Must we humans be so selfish that we would deny the seals a small spot on the coast they can call their own. Those who want the seals removed so children can have the beach have certainly not asked the children what they want. Most children would prefer to see seals living happy on a beach than to see them removed. The people who are victimizing these seals are both anti-nature and anti-children. They have their own agenda of greed and prejudice,"

    -  Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and star of the hit TV show Whale Wars

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    I will always stand up for the seals in San Diego, as a native San Dieagin!! Help Save them!
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